How We Harness
the Sun

Our Radiant Energy Panels Produce Electricity Constantly - Day and Night

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Our Sun - the Source of Energy

All of human civilization uses about 15 terawatts of power. In 14.5 seconds, the sun provides as much energy to earth as humanity uses in a day.

In 88 minutes, the sun provides 470 exajoules of energy, as much energy as humanity consumes in a year.

In 112 hours - less than five days - the sun provides 36 zettajoules of energy - as much energy as is contained in all proven reserves of oil, coal and natural gas on this planet.

So why can’t we capture all this solar energy? If the sun is always shining, why do solar panels only work 6 hours a day?


How Radiant Energy Panels Work

When we think of light, we probably think of what our eyes can see. But the light our eyes can see just the start. It is just a small portion of the total amount of light energy that surrounds us.

The electromagnetic spectrum is the term used by scientists to describe the entire range of light that exists. From radio waves to gamma rays, most of the light energy is invisible to us.

ZPower scientists have discovered a secret to collecting additional solar energy - in simple terms - collecting the non-visible light energy of the sun.

We call this Radiant Energy technology.

Instead of typical solar panels which work 4 to 6 hours/day, ZPower's Radiant Energy Panels work constantly, 24 hours/day.

Radiant Energy Advantages:

• Constant Clean Baseload Energy
• High energy Density
• Long life (solid-state) - EMP Protected
• No Fuel - No Emissions - No Pollution

Clean • Affordable • Constant Electricity

Technology Development


1 ft²  Radiant Energy Panel
produces over 300 watts of electricity

We've developed several prototypes, producing 100 watts to 300 kilowatts of electricity. With 20 years of research by several PhD scientists and engineers, expending several million dollars to develop and progress our energy technology.

Technology Demonstration

Radiant Energy technology has been shown to university professors, engineers, scientists and businessmen.

Demonstrations have occured in several cities around the world - during the day and night - inside and outside - clear skies and stormy weather, all showing full power output.

The Flagship Product - 
1 Megawatt Power Plant


Our 50 Kilowatt Power Cube (4-foot size block) is the key element for our 1 Megawatt Power Plant electric grid.

This 1 Megawatt Power Plant is the size of a 20-foot shipping container, which holds twenty of the 50 Kilowatt Power Cubes.

20 x 50 Kilowatts = 1 Megawatt Output

The 1 Megawatt Power Plant delivers enough electricity for about 500 homes.


Illustrative ZPower 2 Megawatt Power Plants installed at a
Utility Substation (20 megawatts total)


Scottsdale, AZ, USA
London, UK


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