Radiant Energy

Radiant Energy is constant electricity from the Sun
Day and Night

The Ultimate Source of Energy

We are bathed in 6,000 times more energy from the sun than we use.

Why can’t we collect all this solar energy?

Solar Energy to Earth

What is Radiant Energy?

Our sun provides us all life, light and warmth for planet earth.

The earth acts like a gigantic battery, storing this massive energy from our sun.

The secret is how to collect this energy (we call this Radiant Energy) to power your iPhone or even New York city. 

We have learned the key to collect Radiant Energy 24 hours a day

The result is Clean, affordable, constant power for your laptop, your electric car, your home and business

Radiant Energy technology is real and demonstrable.

Radiant Energy Advantages:

• Constant Clean Baseload Energy
• High energy Density
• Long life (solid-state) - EMP Protected
• No Fuel - No Emissions - No Pollution

Clean • Affordable • Constant Electricity

Technology Development

ZPower's Radiant Energy Technology is our flagship, foundational energy technology. Multiple prototypes have been developed.

Contact ZPower for access to our secure web page with images, videos and test results of our Radiant Energy Technology units.

Radiant Energy Products are in process.

Technology Support

We seek breakthrough energy technologies to support the vision to clean - affordable - constant energy supply. This includes Zero Point Energy (ZPE), Magnet Motors, Water-Gas and similar working technologies.

Contact us to for further information.


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