We seek qualified partners who have resources and a passion for clean energy

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The Market Potential

Energy is essential for today’s modern society. Without electricity, our economy falls apart: no clean water, no heating and cooling, no convenient food, no transportation, and no internet. The industrial and information revolutions were built on access to energy.

The Problem

Clean energy isn’t constant. Existing solar and wind generators only work 5 hours a day, requiring expensive batteries and significant land to operate properly.

The Solution

Clean energy which is constant. The scientists of ZPower, after substantial research and expense, have developed a “holy grail” of energy generation, collecting constant energy from the sun, which satisfies 3 requirements for our energy-driven world:

No fossil fuels. No pollution. No toxic materials. Small footprint.

Electricity for 2-4¢ per kWh (typical home power is 10-15¢ per kWh) 

Always works. Day and night. Indoors or outdoors. Constant (baseload) power.


Qualified Partners

We seek qualified partners who have resources and a passion for clean energy.

Rapid progress is underway at ZPower.

We are completing our flagship product - the ZPower 1 Megawatt Power Plant.


Laboratory Setup

50 Kilowatt Power Cubes followed by the 1 Megawatt Power Plant


Certification and Protection

UL certification and Global IP protection


Utility-Scale Testing

Testing at several locations under a variety of useage requirements



Sign Utility Contracts. Start manufacturing.

Investor Package

The vision of ZPower is to provide the world with Clean • Affordable • Constant energy - starting with our 1MW Power Plant for the electric utility grid.

To learn more, please send an email of interest to begin communication. 

capability letter is required before receiving our package.

We look forward to building quality partnerships to release our remarkable technology to the world.

Radiant Energy technology demonstrations are available in Phoenix.


Scottsdale, AZ, USA
London, UK


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