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Our Vision

Our Vision - One day, all humans will have abundant energy.

Our Mission - To provide clean, affordable and constant energy to everyone.

Our Why - To usher in a new world where everyone receives the abundant energy provided to us by God.

My Dream
I dream of energy abundance.
Energy is a requirement for human life. Energy to provide warmth and cooling, clean water and accessible food, and all essentials of a full life.
I have a dream of abundant energy for all people.
That clean, affordable and constant energy is a right of everyone.
Clean which means no pollution or toxic byproducts
Affordable means that everyone can afford it, regardless of their condition.
Constant means that non-stop energy to provide all the resources you need.
That regardless of your race, nationality, income or history, all humans deserve abundant energy. 
I imagine a world where every home and city has its own source of clean energy, free from any shortages. 
I imagine a world where people live under clear blue skies and growing green trees.
I imagine all industry being driven by low cost, renewable energy, resulting in clean air and clear water.
I have a dream abundant energy -- clean, affordable, and constant -- will so fill the world that we will ask ourselves how we ever got along without it.
- Reed Huish, Founder of ZPower


Scottsdale, AZ, USA
London, UK


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