Scientists and Inventors

Pathway to Commercialization

Seeking like-minded scientists with working energy technologies to provide the world with abundant energy

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ZPower was founded to introduce new, breakthrough methods of generating electrical power. We evaluate energy technologies which are considered revolutionary and overcome the numerous problems of our present energy sources.

There are many bright and innovative scientists working diligently to develop these energy technologies.

In the future, we seek to support these scientists and inventors.

The Right Energy Technologies

We seek energy technologies which are:

Clean - no toxic materials, no pollution
Affordable - less expensive than existing sources
Constant - always works

Our mission is to support these scientists to help make their technology a global success.

We Can Provide

If you have a demonstrable proof-of-concept model we can partner with you to commercialize your technology.


Honest and Dependable

We understand the challenges of introducing a disruptive technology. We will support you with truth and integrity.


Financial Support

From prototype to product to manufacturing to distribution to installation.


Security and Protection

To secure you and your family, and provide the appropriate IP protection for your technology.

Your Partner

At this stage, we can only support scientists with a working prototype.

We welcome you to contact us by email to begin.


Scottsdale, AZ, USA
London, UK


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Phone: Contact Us